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  • Pumps For Acetate Fibre
    Pumps For Acetate Fibre Slack and Parr have been supplying the Acetate Fibre Industry since its very beginning. Our Spinning Pumps and Transfer Pumps have a long history of service in many of the world's major Acetate fibre producers.
  • New Technology Warp Sizing Lubricant is Introduced to the Textile Industry Most of us have experienced problems associated with the removal of traditional lubricants such as tallow (animal fat) based waxes or mineral type oils
  • Hisaka Cut-SR Jet Dyeing Machine
    Hisaka Cut-SR Jet Dyeing Machine Hisaka's newly developed Cut-SR model is a multipurpose, rapid dyeing jet machine with lower location of new header tank and complete dual inner perforated construction
  • 8 4 Work Jacket
    8 4 Work Jacket The 8 4 is SMITH CENTER's North American Hemp work jacket
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