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  • Stork Printer #1 w/ Werner Scray, 80" Wide, Motor Driven, Square Bar Let Off, Pneumatic Top Rolls, Adjustable Pan, Stork Printer, Mdl
  • HSP2000- Handbag
    HSP2000- Handbag This bag is made from two fabrics - color-grown green canvas and Cimmeron print
  • Single Cylinder Two-Feed Machine
    Single Cylinder Two-Feed Machine The L462/6, L472-6 are single cylinder, two feed machines for the production of socks and pantyhose with the possibility of embroidery and Jacquard patterns, with reciprocated heel.
  • Apparel Management Accounting System This integrated, high performance software package is specifically designed for companies producing sewn products (apparel, handbags, shoes, hats, bedspreads, accessories, and other sewn products
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