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  • Hazardous Waste Stainless Steel and Poly Vacuums
    Hazardous Waste Stainless Steel and Poly Vacuums Poly and stainless steel tank models have the same standard quality features as our Industrial Wet/Dry vacuums
  • Argus Fire Suppression Systems
    Argus Fire Suppression Systems The fire suppressing systems are installed adjacent to the protected hazard by use of a piping network
  • Horizontal Low-Lube Rail
    Horizontal Low-Lube Rail Our fabricated steel rails are the latest development in our continuing effort to give you the ultimate in economy, durability and versatility
  • Creslan Creslan is Sterling’s original brand, offering creative solutions to the market place. End uses include blankets, sweaters, socks, knit outerwear, industrial ,home furnishings and technical applications.
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