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  • Glass Fiber Warping System
    Glass Fiber Warping System McCoy-Ellison, Inc. is the premier supplier worldwide of beaming equipment for glass fiber yarns
  • Roll Handling Cranes and Grabs
    Roll Handling Cranes and Grabs This company’s roll handling cranes and specialized lifting grabs are designed to enable any employee move a 25- to 3,000-lb roll from storage onto spreading tables, inspection machines, shade tables, and other production areas safely, quickly, and easily
  • AF-103 Boarding Machine
    AF-103 Boarding Machine The AF-103 Automatic Finishing Machine was invented to solve the ergonomic and production problems of the hosiery industry
  • Elitex 2/1 Twisting Machines
    Elitex 2/1 Twisting Machines Two-for-one twisting machines in now introducing a twister of a new generation which continues to provide the highest standards of quality of twisted yarns, reliability and favourable pricing which are tailored to meet the financial requirements of textile manufactures
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