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  • Frame Press with Dual Functionality
    Frame Press with Dual Functionality The PF 2000 embroidery frame press is designed to handle two handle tow different jobs without changing the machine’s setup, allowing operators to stay in one position while simultaneously performing two different types of work
  • Shade Sails
    Shade Sails Coolaroo Shade Sails are a wonderful way to create interesting and unusual new angles in gardens, over entry ways, and children's play areas
  • Sirio Smart Weft Feeder
    Sirio Smart Weft Feeder The Sirio Smart weft feeder is the ideal solution for rapier or projectile weaving machines where a small, compact feeder is required.
  • Smooth Running Thread
    Smooth Running Thread Designed to flow without interruption, new Solar Active U.V. Thread is available on the manufacturer’s broad-based, trayed King Spool, which offers 3,300 yards of thread (3,000-m) and is designed to eliminate breaks, tangles, and snaps
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