Air Splicers

Source: Fi-Tech, Inc.

Air Splicers
Enka tecnica Air Splicers produce knot-free splices in filament yarns.
Enka tecnica Air Splicers produce knot-free splices in filament yarns. The yarn ends are secured in the yarn body and there are no projecting ends or thick, bundled areas that will cause poor quality in downstream processing. The working principle is as follows: The yarn ends are introduced into the device. The push button is depressed. The splice chamber through which the two ends are passed is closed. The projecting ends are cut off and air is introduced into the chamber. The process is controlled through small, carefully adjusted pneumatic elements. The blowing time can be set for the yarn type. This ensures uniform splices. The small cutters incorporated into the device enable the filaments to be cut directly at the splice chamber so that the filament ends can be properly interlocked at the splice. The result is a splice of uniform and reproducible quality. Enka tecnica splicers are come in various models with exchangeable blowing chambers. This allows the splicers to be adapted to different yarn counts. The splicers can be used with synthetic filament yarns, cellulosic filament, glass fiber, carbon fiber and aramids.

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