Brochure | August 21, 2009

ProRate™ Gravimetric Continuous Blenders Flyer

K-Tron ProRate™/Gravimetric blenders consist of one to eight ingredient feeders and a microprocessor-based controller. They are designed to continuously meter raw materials accurately into a central station hopper. Each of the feeders operate in an independent, continuous loss-in-weight scaling mode to insure accuracy of each ingredient. The desired feed rate for each material can be entered in as pounds (or kgs.) per hour, as a percent of the total rate, or as a percent of the virgin material.


  • One to eight ingredient feeders
  • Individual scales per feeder
  • Microprocessor-based controller
  • Create, store and edit recipes
  • Inventory and alarm history
  • Heavy-duty, DC motor drives
  • Cylindrically designed hoppers for fast material discharge and complete clean-out
  • Clear center station top allows view of feeding material
  • ProRate I™/Gravimetric feeder is designed with a selection of five interchangeable auger sizes, allowing for varying capacities of 20 to 2,000 pounds per hour per ingredient
  • ProRate II™/Gravimetric feeder is designed with a 3-inch diameter auger providing high capacity feeding from 250 to 10,000 pounds per hour per ingredient

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