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  • Fabric Yield System
    Fabric Yield System This company’s UYS Series Fabric Yield Test System is comprised of cutters combined with a scale or balance and the manufacturer’s designed yardage calculators
  • Ball Warper for Indigo Dyeing
    Ball Warper for Indigo Dyeing The 928 Ball Warper for indigo dyeing processes is capable of producing a 48-in.-dia. (1,219mm) ball and offers speeds up to 400-ypm (360-mpm) via a lightweight, maintenance-free trumpet traverse mechanism
  • Yarn Beam Dyeing Machinery
    Yarn Beam Dyeing Machinery Permits dyeing of warp yarns at temperatures to 140°C in kiers especially designed to accommodate perforated warp beams
  • Positive Expansion Combs
    Positive Expansion Combs With Zig Zag Comb Panels (Plain Or Interlocking Type Comb Panels)
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