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  • Reinforced EVA Adhesives
    Reinforced EVA Adhesives Ethylene vinyl acetate is mainly recognized for its economy, flexibility, toughness, adhesion characteristics, and stress-crack resistance
  • High Production Fiber Reclaimer
    High Production Fiber Reclaimer Vance Textiles introduces a unique fiber reclaiming system using a high speed reclaim roll, special clothing, and a high velocity air flow system that is capable of reducing heavily needled felts to individual fibers while maintaining the majority of the original fiber length
  • e-Rocket System Like RocketHorse's OA/System product, the e-Rocket System is an Enterprise Business Application (EBA) product suite that includes modules to support your mission-critical application needs.
  • Novocon
    Novocon Novocon steel fibers are engineered to provide uniform distribution throughout concrete and provide exceptional technical performance while maintaining excellent mixing and finishing attributes
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