Antimicrobial Activity

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Antimicrobial Activity
On direct contact with a microorganism, the Aegis Microbe Shield technology works by disrupting (or rupturing) the cell membrane.
On direct contact with a microorganism, the Aegis Microbe Shield technology works by disrupting (or rupturing) the cell membrane. This mechanically interrupts the normal life processes and destroys the cell.

The interruption is caused by two forces- the long chain chemical component and the positively charged nitrogen component. The first can be compared to a "sword", the second to "electrocution". Like a sword, the strength of the Microbe Shield is not used up or diminished when it acts. It can be used over and over again. Conventional antimicrobials are absorbed and chemically interrupt the cell by poisoning, disrupting a life process, or causing lethal mutation. They are more like "bullets". With each use, some of the ammunition stored is used up and effectiveness diminishes.

Features and Benefits

  • Control microorganisms on contact. Arrested microbes cannot alter their structure to become immune to the antimicrobial agent.
  • Bound and durable. The agent is a permanent part of the textile, the antimicrobial action lasts the life of the substrate. It is not consumed by microorganisms.
  • Won't leach into the environment or migrate to other articles or to the skin.
  • Produces no zone of inhibition. Traditional agents will produce such a zone- a sign that some off-gassing is occurring which could cause adaptive microorganisms.
  • No arsenic, heavy metals, or polychlorinated phenols. Based on an environment friendly molecule, the agent doesn't interfere with the Oko-Tex label.
  • Controls most bacterial growth. Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, as well as mold, mildew, fungus and yeast the major cause of most fabric odor, staining and deterioration problems.
  • Maintains long-lasting fresheness.
  • Provides a hot emotive sales feature.
  • Unmatched safety profile.
  • The confidence of more than 20 years of effective use on hosiery, home furnishings, carpets, air filters, bedding, disposable wipes and numerous consumer products.
  • Cost-efficient application. A chemical finish of textiles that is easily incorporated into a wet finish process (padding, spray or exhaustion).
  • May be applied to all natural and synthetic materials.
  • The only antimicrobial easily verifiable on the product. Whether at the mill, the distribution center or on the retail shelf.
  • Uniqe EPA accepted claims in the USA and European registration following the latest Biocide Directives 98/8.

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