Download | June 9, 2005

Applications Note: Shade Numbering, Shade Sorting, and Shade Tapering In Textiles

Source: HunterLab - Measure Color...Measure Quality
Shade numbering, sorting, and tapering are used in many industries, but particularly the textile industry.

The shade numbering feature performs calculations on the sample data and assigns each sample a shade number based on how close its color is to the standard.

The shade sorting feature calculates a shade number for each sample based on how close its color is to the standard, but ALSO has the ability to sort all samples into shade groups and provide data on which samples belong to each shade number.

The shade tapering feature is also known as color sequencing. The software performs calculations that arrange the samples from lightest to darkest or dullest to brightest and report them in this order so that each sample is as close as possible in shade to the samples next to it.