Avery Dennison 64-Bit RFID Printer

Avery Dennison
Operating up to 20 times faster than competing products, the super efficient 64 Bit thermal transfer printer always drives in the fast lane.

Operating up to 20 times faster than competing products, the super efficient 64 Bit thermal transfer printer always drives in the fast lane. Whether used to print bar codes, tags or production labels, this powerful machine is impressive thanks to several additional features that are critical when in constant industrial use.

The 64 bit carries out any printing task in high resolution, with astonishing precision and intelligence. It protects against errors already in the input stage, uses no more ribbon than absolutely needed and features an extremely simple operating interface. In addition, this compact printing powerhouse is highly durable and robust, a product of the finest German craftsmanship.

At the center of the extensive range is the 64-bit processor, complemented with a font and bar code library. This allows for essential performance features such as enlargement capabilities, two-dimensional presentation and the ability to rotate the scalable fonts almost entirely freely. If even more performance is required, the standard 8 MB configuration can be upgraded to 32 MB.

The 64 Bit – an investment in unsurpassed performance

  • Fast
    The lightning fast data transfers and the multi-tasking operating system allow considerable savings in time and enable the unit to print at up to 400 mm/s.
  • Intelligent
    The integrated dot-check system reports back on the status of each dot printed to maintain print quality and bar code readability.
  • Practical
    The Quick Change function makes it easy to change print heads – and the operation does not require any special tools.
  • Economical
    The automatic foil saving function uses all non-printed areas of 6 mm or larger, and guarantees that material is used most efficiently.
  • Precise
    The Near Edge print head achieves a resolution of 300 dpi and ensures a consistently high-quality result at a print rate of 400 mm/s.
  • Individualized
    The modular concept includes removable accessories such as a knife, rewinder or dispenser, and supports all sorts of processing.
  • Compatible
    The 64-Bit printers come standard with Avery Dennison EASY PLUG program language as well as ZPL emulation for easy upgrade and replacement.


  • Cutter
    Well-tried – for sharp and clean cuts. With double cut function for an optically attractive outline
  • Rewinder
    Functional – winds up printed label materials with the printed side facing inwards or outwards, makes the further handling easier.
  • Dispenser
    Reliable – with 1:1 print & apply system, handles different materials and formats. Additionally, an applicator is available, which puts the label automatically on your products.
  • Jumbo - Stacker
    High-performing – stacks labels of a size from 36 x 35 mm up to 132 x 130 mm to a height of 300 mm, handles carton materials of 160 – 240 g/m².

The 64-bit printers combine the outstanding features of its high-performance class and optimized printing of RFID labels.

  • Based on a 64-bit CPU it ensures unbeatable print results with a print speed of up to 400 mm/s and a resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Not only that, it is exceptionally reliable and economical.
  • The standard Ethernet connection allows simple integration into existing data processing systems.
  • To protect both, chip and print head, the printer menu includes a special parameter setting to define the position of the chip. The intelligent near-edge print head lifts at the defined position or automatically if it encounters print-free area of greater than 6 mm (if the layout of the label has been designed around the position of the transponder).

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