Benjamin Moore Selects Enterprise Color Management Technology from GretagMacbeth

Source: X-Rite, Inc.

New And Conventional Technologies Combine to Support Six Sigma Initiative

New Windsor, NY -- X-Rite, Inc. recently announced that Benjamin Moore & Co. has entered a multi-year licensing agreement for GretagMacbeth's new NetProfiler(TM) technology along with the purchase of multiple Color-Eye® 2145 spectrophotometers. These technologies are part of the GretagMacbeth newly launched Enterprise Color Management (ECM) program and will be deployed throughout Benjamin Moore's North American manufacturing facilities to ensure color consistency.

An Internet-based application, NetProfiler technology enables remote monitoring of the entire network of Color-Eye 2145 instruments. It also allows a central facility to remotely calibrate, adjust and certify each instrument's performance.

"The combination of NetProfiler and the Color-Eye 2145 allowed us to integrate the color assurance function across all of our plants," remarks Carl Minchew, Benjamin Moore's director of technical services. "This technology plays an important role in our Six Sigma initiative by making it cost effective and convenient to deliver facility-wide color measurement precision." And in the true spirit of Six Sigma, extensive gage R & R testing was conducted prior to selecting the Color-Eye 2145 spectrophotometers. Benjamin Moore also uses GretagMacbeth controlled lighting booths.

Six Sigma methodology relies on statistical analysis to help a company track and improve its operational performance by preventing defects (usually measured as not more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities). NetProfiler provides this essential data virtually round the clock.

"NetProfiler is truly a breakthrough for ECM on a global scale. The key advantage is that it enables enterprise-wide color consistency in a more productive, cost-effective manner," according to Ken Boyle, vice president and general manager, Color and Appearance Business Unit, GretagMacbeth.

In addition to spectrophotometers, Internet-based communication applications and controlled lighting products, GretagMacbeth's ECM program includes software applications for color quality control and formulation, as well as managed services for compliance to color management best practices.