News | November 14, 2019

BenQ Materials Presents PFC-Free Microporous Technology, Applications At PERFORMANCE DAYS 2019

BenQ Materials Crop. attended to PERFOMANCE DAYS - Functional Fabric Fair, displaying its PFC-free microporous technology and applications to manufacturers and brands in the functional textile industry who source latest fabrics, accessories, trends, and innovations.

With a PFC-free nanoporous membrane and the solvent-free process, this technology adds functional textile with waterproof, breathable features. The combination of eco-friendliness and high performance in the innovation perfectly manifests the focus topic of Green Evolution´╝ŹInnovations for a sustainable future raised by the exhibition.

BenQ Materials displayed its technology along with new fabrics and garments made from natural fibers and recycled synthetic fibers, and provides customized services to address challenges of the product development and manufacture. It further brings textiles the benefits of performance, the well-being and environmental sustainability for participating consumers, brands and manufacturers in the value chain of functional wear industry.

For more information, visit the introduction of performance textile.

Source: BenQ Materials Crop.