Cabasse Tweeter Membrane Selects APTIV Films The Highest Performing Melt Processable Polymer


Cabasse was looking to redesign their acoustic speakers with an extended stroke and reinforced power handling, creating the ideal acoustical solution.

Cabasse, a French manufacturer and pioneer of high efficiency loudspeakers, has selected Victrex APTIV film – made using VICTREX PEEK polymer, widely considered to be the highest performing melt processable polymer available – for use in the tweeter diaphragm of its La Sphere speaker system.

La Sphere is an audio speaker system that is the result of an ambitious 13 year project to create a true 4-way co-axial point source with no mechanical compromise, driven by specific digital signal processing.

"The acoustic properties of APTIV film combined with its versatility enabled Cabasse to improve their design and set a new standard in loudspeaker performance," said Andrew Storm, Global Ventures Business Leader of Victrex plc.

To reach the ideal acoustical solution it was first necessary to design and validate the TC23, a 3-way co-axial driver in which Cabasse's engineers used all their knowledge and expertise in high-end acoustic technologies. The best example, this 3rd generation of 8" co-axial 3-way units is then fitted with a brand new tweeter including an exclusive thermoformed diaphragm made using high performance Victrex APTIV film to create the new 4 way speaker system.

Computerised machines carry out the production of these diaphragms, so that the process is automated and meticulous, preventing any alteration of the characteristics of the material involved and ensuring accurate parameters for every item produced. Rigid, light and damped, this diaphragm brings a perfect linearity of the response curve up to 25,000 Hz, with an excellent power handling and reliability over time.

Offering a unique combination of properties, including: high temperature capability; excellent chemical resistance; exceptional durability and scratch resistance; outstanding radiation resistance, superior mechanical properties, excellent barrier and electrical properties, all combined with the ease of processing inherent in a thermoplastic material, APTIV film is one of the most versatile and highest performing films available.

APTIV film was selected as the diaphragm material for its excellent rigidity/weight ratio and the perfect mechanical homogeneity with the ring diaphragm of the midrange unit. Fitted with a Duocell diaphragm made of Rohacell foam, the low-midrange transducer has been redesigned with an extended stroke and reinforced power handling, to obtain excellent acoustic reproduction qualities, without compromising on the linearity, efficiency and power handling parameters of each component of the system.

The entire speaker system is fitted in a lens made of a sandwich of composite materials with high dampening capabilities and hold the TC23 in front of a 22" honeycomb dome structure woofer membrane on the very same axis to form a 4-way point source, giving La Sphere the capability of spanning an impressive band width of frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 25 000 Hz.

SOURCE: Victrex plc