News | May 8, 2018

Datacolor Presents The Spectravision Digital Color Capture Solution For Previously Immeasurable Materials

Datacolor®, the world leader in color management technology, today announced the launch of SpectraVision, a solution that enables companies to objectively measure the color of previously immutable materials and communicate digitally, including multicolored prints, accessories, yarns, zippers and lace. This saves costs and considerably reduces the time from concept development to the end customer.

"Digital color assessment is the industry standard for textile, monochrome materials. All other materials, including 50 percent of the textiles, require a visual assessment - this is an inefficient, expensive and subjective process, "said Diane Geisler, Vice President of Marketing, Datacolor. "SpectraVision is ready to revolutionize the textile industry with the first solution that enables consistent, repeatable color measurement for the so-called" immeasurable ".

Brand manufacturers and suppliers using SpectraVision save up to 50 percent on ink acceptance costs by reducing the number of deviations, lowering the cost of preserving color standards, and minimizing physical pattern shipping. In addition, the system shortens development and production processes by weeks, which is particularly important for retail brands, which must respond quickly to trends in order to remain competitive in this fast-moving industry.

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