Delta T Optimizer

Source: Drying Technology, Inc.

Delta T Optimizer
The Optimizer maximizes production and energy efficiency on dryers
The Optimizer maximizes production and energy efficiency on dryers. It is a unique, on-line method for automatically adjusting the exhaust valve on dryers, ovens, etc. The result is that energy losses up the stack are minimized, while the production rate is maximized.

The Optimizer does not require sensors that tend to plug or need calibrating, nor the measurement of wet bulb temperatures. It can be initiated each time a significant change in evaporative load to the dryer is anticipated.

The benefits of an Optimizer are listed below:

Energy Conservation

Minimizes heat loss in the stacks
Minimizes unit heat consumption for drying
Improved dryer control results in less water to be evaporated
Uses a proprietary method for controlling the dryer atmosphere to a constant humidity

Production Improvements

Production rate is maximized
Quality is improved - standard deviation is reduced.

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