EasyMatch® OL

Source: HunterLab - Measure Color...Measure Quality
Real-time software for continuous on-line color measurement
On-Line Color Measurement Software

Real-time software for continuous on-line color measurement. The networking capability of EasyMatch OL Software allows you to operate up to four HunterLab on-line spectrophotometer sensors using one server computer and to use multiple client computers to talk to the sensors through the server. All target standards, measurements, setup parameters, data views that are required for a run or product can be stored in a single job file. Multiple jobs may be in use at the same time if desired. User configured screens can be stored as a template and later recalled for easy creation of new jobs.

EasyMatch OL provides unprecedented flexibility to collect, display and analyze color data from your HunterLab on-line spectrophotometer. Yet it is easy to use and can be configured to show only the information you want. It offers almost limitless possibilities for presenting and comparing your color information. Color data and spectral data is displayed numerically in spreadsheet form or graphically as color plots, spectral plots, trend plots and control charts. In addition, various process events and alarm conditions for a job are recorded and can be later reported in a summary table.

  • Networking server/client capability
  • Seven configurable data views
  • Job tree used to simplify storage and recall data
  • Job files can easily be e-mailed
  • User manager with customized access privileges

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