White Paper

ECM: The Top Seven Savings

This white paper by iDatix Corporation covers the top seven savings that organizations can expect to gain with the implementation of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution.

The first point of saving is money. ECM software saves money by allowing organizations to spend less of it as well as make more of it. An ECM system can directly affect the bottom line by centralizing all information within the organization, allowing quick and efficient retrieval through search, reducing time and costs associated with ineffective information searches. Research reports from the Butler Group, an IT research and analysis organization, have noted that as much as 10% of a company's salary costs are wasted on ineffective searches.

ECM software can also eliminate unnecessary tools, software, and technologies currently being used by your organization, allowing your business to leverage even greater value from core business systems. Finally, reducing paper usage with ECM software can significantly reduce the associated overhead such as printer cartridges, shipping costs, and the paper itself.

The six other points covered in this white paper include time, space, gas, legal trouble, competitive edge, and the business.

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