Article: Economics Of Feeding: Total Cost Approach To ROI


Feeding systems perform the important function of dosing ingredients into a food, plastics, pharmaceutical or other product in exactly the correct proportion—an extremely critical function for one small piece of the manufacturing line. An efficient and accurate feeding system, whether gravimetric or volumetric, can pay for itself quickly by producing material cost savings and keeping the process line up and running reliably.

Too often the savings that an efficient feeding system can produce over time are not considered at the time of purchase, and only the ‘up front’ capital cost of the equipment is reviewed initially. While it may be easy to obtain information on the acquisition cost of a new feeder line, it is more difficult to evaluate the hidden costs and potential savings of ongoing operation.

This article is intended to help processors see that acquisition cost is, in fact, only a small part of the total picture, and that they can build their own Total Cost Approach by uncovering the hidden costs, developing the unexploited efficiencies and considering the intangible factors in feeding.