News | April 12, 2004

Eriez Introduces NEW High Sensitivity E-Z Tec 9000 Metal Detector

Eriez Magnetics Europe has just launched its E-Z Tec 9000 Metal Detector – a high sensitivity balanced coil metal detector for use in a variety of industries including plastics, recycling, wood and textiles.

Investing in metal detection is important to safeguard against machinery damage, production downtime and loss of product quality which all impact on a company's bottom line. The E-Z Tec 9000 has been designed to perform these tasks reliably and efficiently. It has a single PCB for ease of servicing, is self-diagnostic and employs Surface Mount Technology for optimum reliability. In addition, it features simple to operate push-button selections, incorporating product compensation and filtering, 10 product settings (password protected) and a two line LCD display of selected parameters. Remote operation and monitoring of reject devices is available via integrated circuitry.

Eriez has also recently announced the E-Z Tec 9100 free-fall metal separator that combines balanced coil technology to optimize sensitivity with a high speed pneumatically operated reject system to minimize product wastage.

To help potential users select the most appropriate metal separation system for their specific application, Eriez Magnetics have a fully equipped, purpose built test laboratory to run tests and to identify a custom-made separation and protection solution. Free onsite surveys are available.