News | July 7, 2004

eWarna and GretagMacbeth Sign Worldwide Reseller Agreement

Source: X-Rite, Inc.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – eWarna, the global leader in online color collaboration solutions has announced an agreement with GretagMacbeth to resell GretagMacbeth NetProfiler to the global textile and apparel industry. Under the agreement, eWarna will integrate the technology into its award-winning Internet-based LabWorks Pro and XMatch applications as a combined solution in addition to market NetProfiler as a stand-alone instrument management software.

With growing needs to ensure color accuracy in the textile and apparel industry, NetProfiler enables organisations to manage the quality of their supply chain's global network of spectrophotometers through a universal color measurement standard. Users can remotely test, measure, profile and monitor instruments of varying grades, optics, and manufacturers over the Internet instantly. By communicating the same virtual standards across the extended supply chains, users can improve instrument quality, uptime and reliability significantly while monitor the overall health of their color network.

"NetProfiler complements our LabWorks Pro and XMatch color collaboration solutions. It is a well-accepted principle in the industry that the best spectrophotometers experience drift and profiling is needed. NetProfiler solves this problem by removing instrumental drift as a variable in color measurement, making color communication more accurate and effective," said Richard Lawn, CEO of eWarna. "With GretagMacbeth's extensive experience and eWarna's advanced solutions that manage color critical processes, users can accurately monitor changes as information moves through the supply chain."

Ken Boyle, GretagMacbeth Executive Vice President, Sales added: "We're enthused to have eWarna as a partner in helping to provide an effective color measurement and communication solution to global supply chains. This is a major step towards eliminating the inherent color measurement variation throughout complex supply chains."

Both companies have been developing web-based color measurement and communications products to help industries improve lead times and go-to-market faster. "Our partnership illustrates eWarna's commitment to provide solutions that complement and extend our existing software's capabilities to offer enterprise-wide benefits" concluded Lawn.

About eWarna
eWarna is the leading developer of online color collaboration solutions for apparel and color critical industries with offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Its Internet-based colorimetric engine allows industries such as textiles, apparel, dyestuffs, paints, inks and plastics to accurately share color information across complex supply chains using precise reflectance data. Among the list of eWarna clients are Dillard's, Under Armour, Toys "R" Us, Disney and Li & Fung. More information on eWarna and its products can be found at

About GretagMacbeth
GretagMacbeth is a leading innovator of enterprise color management technologies for graphic arts and digital imaging, paints, plastics, apparel, textiles and automotive, among other industries. The company, part of Amazys Holding AG headquartered in Regensdorf, Switzerland, maintains offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. For additional information, visit the GretagMacbeth website at

About LabWorks Pro and XMatch
LabWorks Pro 2.0 is a complete online color management system that allows users to accurately create, measure, predict, share and compare color worldwide through its sophisticated color physics and recipe prediction algorithms. XMatch, on the other hand, is a web application built to connect users with their supply chains for color specification, submission and approval process. It helps users and their supply chains to achieve color perfection through accurate, real time sharing of color standards.

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Source: eWarna