News | August 1, 2018

Focus On The Central American Textile Industry

With over 30 years of history, Exintex has been consolidated as one of the most important textile trade fairs in Mexico and one of the leading fairs in Latin America. This year, Stäubli Textile is pleased to exhibit its machinery systems and automation solutions for process optimization in the weaving and knitting industries.

Automatic warp drawing-in for a continuous weaving process
Visitors will learn more about SAFIR automatic drawing-in machines which deliver perfectly drawn-in weaving harnesses with no crossed yarns or double ends. Available for a wide range of specific applications and offering different layout options, SAFIR machines are easy to integrate into any weaving preparation workflow.

Stäubli frame weaving solutions with long service life
The broad range of Stäubli cam motions and electronic rotary dobbies offers the perfect solution for every application and weft insertion system. Whether used for producing basic plain weaves, patterned fabrics, or technical textiles, their efficiency has been maximized with the recently released e82 harness motion. Built with the highest-quality materials and featuring ingenious engineering, this harness motion series is virtually maintenance-free. With unparalleled dependability, it supports the precise interplay between the dobby or cam motion and the weaving machine.

Extremely reliable Jacquard weaving machines for every application
The renowned SX model is very robust, wear-resistant, and designed for many years of daily use with a minimum of maintenance. Available in two formats (1,408 or 2,688 hooks), the machine produces excellent results in the form of e.g. terry cloth, apparel fabrics, or seat-cover fabrics. The broad range of LX Jacquard machines includes models with formats up to 25,600 hooks for producing fabrics with large designs and requiring extremely high stroke forces.

D4S device shortens the sock knitting process
Knitters can learn more about recently launched D4S toe-closing device. This automation solution is installed directly on the circular sock-knitting machine and closes the toe immediately after the knitting process.

Visitors to the booth will receive valuable information about the broad range of Stäubli machinery and automation solutions for enhanced production of high-quality fabrics in their weaving and knitting mills.

Visit us at Exintex at Booth 110/111. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Stäubli International AG