Footwear Barcode - Plus Professional System - System Modules

Source: International Systems, Inc.
Configure your system selecting only the modules to match your requirements. Most of the reports can be viewed or printed on the screen monitor. Demo, Installation and training could be done via modem.

Production, Efficiency, Wip & Payroll System

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  • Footwear Module 1 & 2 - Base Module and Master Files

    System Maintenance and configuration Printer Drivers include Matrix and Laser Printer (Laser needs font) Employees - Operations - Raw Materials - Customers - Off Standard Hours - Departments Colors - Size Scales - Size Runs - Styles with Special Manufacturing Instructions and Raw Material. - Style master cost sheet - Change Rates in Printed Tickets and Recompute Earnings - Change Rates in Operations/Styles (Global)

  • Footwear Module 3 - Production Orders and Barcoded Tickets

    Enter/Print/Delete Production Orders - Musical Chairs / Size Runs - Print Piece Work Tickets - Raw Materials Requirements by color and size - Change Rates in Printed Tickets - Print Off Standard Hours Barcoded Coupons - Print Employee Barcoded Coupons or Daily Sheets - View Piece Work Tickets File.

  • Footwear Module 4 - Employee's Daily/Weekly Reports (Gross Payroll)

    Wand / Read Tickets Daily / Weekly Efficiency Reports - Weekly Summary - Initialize Weekly Files - Off-Standard Hours - Display Seven (7) Days of Tickets and Entries at all times per Employee - Absenteeism Report.

  • Footwear Module 5 - Production Analysis

    Case Tracking by Department - Daily Production Units by Customer - Case Location by Department - Inventory by style and department. Units and dollar value.

  • Footwear Module 6 - In Factory Analysis (Detail or Summary)

    WIP: Units/Dollars in Production - WIP: Units/Dollars in New Orders - WIP: Units/Dollars Completed - Case Analysis (View, Select, Change, Delete, etc.)

  • Footwear Module 7 - Operation/Employee Matrix

    Operation/Employee with Cost and Efficiency - Employee/Operation/Price with Cost and Efficiency - Operation/Price/Employee with Cost Efficiency - Employee/Operation/Price without Efficiency - Style / Operation / Employee Analysis.

  • Footwear Module 8 - Repairs and Damages Analysis with Dollar Value

    Damages/Repairs Tracking with Dollar Value by Operation - Damages/Repairs Tracking with Dollar Value by Employee - Damages/Repairs Tracking with Dollar Value by Style - Damages/Repairs Tracking with Dollar Value by Production Order or Machine.

  • Footwear Module 9 - Plant Loading Analysis - Line Balancing

    Determines number of employees required to complete production. - By All Work in Process Open - By Selected Production order - By Selected Style - Option to add specific style to current WIP - Project new requirements from scratch.

  • Footwear Module 10 - Raw Material Inventory

    Raw Material Inventory - Purchase Orders - Explosion of raw materials with multiple styles.

  • Footwear Module 11 - Units Production

    Daily Production by Production Order by Operation - Weekly Actual Production versus Quota Or Capacity per operation with month & YTD units.

  • Footwear Module 12 - Master Future Production System

    Plan future production - Allocate Leather and raw materials from future production - Release Future production by day - Adjust allocation when issuing production orders.

  • Footwear Module 13 - What to Produce

    Using On Hand, On Order, ON Production and Minimum quantities, system will prepare the "Bible" showing what you should produce or cut.