Company Profile | November 16, 1999


Source: X-Rite, Inc.

Color. It's the universal language.

The first thing you see. The last thing you remember.
It creates brands...and sometimes breaks them.
It's what reinforces corporate recognition all over the world.

Color excites. Color inspires. Color invokes emotion.

Ensuring that your color is consistently and predictably reproduced throughout the entire workflow and around the world, across cultures is what GretagMacbeth does best. Whether it's measuring, communicating or simulating color, GretagMacbeth is the only global color systems and software company capable of providing a total single-source solution worldwide.

A leading innovator in color control technology for over a century, GretagMacbeth can help ensure that every step of your color management process – from design, master standards, formulation and production, through color harmony, QC, and retail inspection – yields consistent color and appearance.

Whether the need is for visual or instrumental color control, GretagMacbeth technology and services range from basic consultation and color education, to full-scale digital imaging and global color formulation systems. Today GretagMacbeth provides color management solutions in industries ranging from paints, plastics, textiles, inks, automobile manufacturing, and packaging to digital imaging, graphic arts, desktop publishing, and printing.

With the industry's broadest line of software-based solutions for color measurement, communication, and simulation, GretagMacbeth can help you accommodate the volumes, product mixes, and "time to market" your customers demand—making mass customization and "markets of one" a reality on a global scale.