GretagMacbeth Introduces Color iMatch Textile Software

Source: X-Rite, Inc.

Workflow solutions for effective color formulation locally and throughout the supply chain.

Click here to download the Color iMatch Textile Software Brochure in pdf format.

NEW WINDSOR, NY - GretagMacbeth today announced the release of Color iMatch textile color formulation software – the latest addition to their recently introduced suite of Color i color control software. Color iMatch streamlines color development in two key areas:

  • obtaining accurate color and effective recipes and
  • enabling electronic color communication between retailers, specifiers and dyehouses throughout the world.

The software was developed to help the textile, apparel and home furnishings markets obtain uncompromising color and meet aggressive seasonal deadlines. "It's not just about matching color anymore," says Richard Knapp, product manager, color and appearance business unit. "It's really about process efficiency. That's where Color iMatch excels. The matching engine delivers accurate color, but the software tools and interface speed and simplify the process."

Color iMatch will be available in standard and professional versions. The professional version will include new textured on-screen color – electronic sample simulator. Textured on-screen color provides more true-to-life sample simulation of textures such as knits and wovens. It accelerates communication of samples and lab dips between retailers and their suppliers throughout the world. "This is another significant advance," says Ann Laidlaw, GretagMacbeth team leader, color and appearance applications. "It not only integrates the electronic color communication capability into a single application, but also costs a fraction of what other standalone simulators cost."

New Color iMatch replaces the popular GretagMacbeth ProPalette textile color formulation software. However, the company will continue to use the robust color matching engine that popularized ProPalette.

"We've combined the industry's leading color matching engine with a flexible workflow interface. Now operators get the most effective recipes in less time," says Knapp. The software follows typical industry workflows, which makes it easier to learn and use by operators at all proficiency levels.

Color iMatch integrates the new Color iQC quality control software. The software transforms color control from a series of unrelated color samples and standards to a series of interrelated jobs. This workflow interface streamlines color development by automating each customer's unique matching parameters.

A unique advantage of Color iMatch is its ability to match a wide variety of materials from a single database. According to Knapp, "Most dyehouses are dealing with numerous substrates and blends, including other hard goods, such as housewares. Yet all these materials must come together with color uniformity. Instead of requiring separate software or additional databases, Color iMatch provides accurate color in the most effective recipe for each material."

Optional companion editions enhance color collaboration among management teams and global manufacturing facilities. The companion editions include Color iMatch Manager, which connects managers and specifiers to the laboratory without leaving their offices or tying up production systems. Color iMatch Satellite Edition provides centralized formula control for decentralized manufacturing.

The software is compatible with most popular color measurement instruments. It's also compatible with a variety of common color data formats, making it easy to upgrade from previous ProPalette versions or other color formulation software brands.

Color iMatch is currently shipping.

About GretagMacbeth
GretagMacbeth is a leading innovator of enterprise color management technologies for graphic arts and digital imaging, paints, plastics, apparel, textiles and automotive, among other industries. The company, part of Amazys Holding AG headquartered in Regensdorf, Switzerland, maintains offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia. For additional information, visit the GretagMacbeth Web site at

Click here to download the Color iMatch Textile Software Brochure in pdf format.

Source: X-Rite, Inc.