Guardian Inspection Machine

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Guardian Inspection Machine
Guardian Inspection Machine - MAC Sales, Inc.
Locating defects in fabric while winding a consistent package with a perfect edge.

MACSI inspection system When you ship a roll of fabric, you need to have confidence that the fabric is of the highest quality without sacrificing the quality of the roll or the speed in which it can be wound.

With a MACSI Inspection Machine you win all the way around.

We manufacture or sell inspections for virtually any type of web, from durable wovens to the most delicate nonwovens. In our inspection categories you will see many of our standard designs, but we also make custom systems to suit essentially any requirement.

The Joseph Pernick product listing will accomodate any stretchable web.

Standard Features:

  • Heavy duty steel construction with rigid cross bracing
  • Operator's platform with anti-fatigue mat
  • Laminate covered inspection board
  • In-board lighting
  • Overhead lighting


  • Electronic counters for accurate fabric measurement
  • Seconds quality electronic counter
  • Tube storage rack
  • Railway sewing machine
  • Automatic tension control
  • Bowed roller for wrinkle removal
  • Oscillating roll for selvedge buildup removal
  • Face/out packing ratio
  • Adjustable angle inspection board(available on some models)
  • Center winder/scray-for removing off quality fabric
  • Loop system (available on some models)
  • Slitting-skor, rotary, hot-cut
  • Expander roller for excess wrinkle removal and slit separation
  • Full control bar-for operating the machine from essentially any position
  • Fabriscan (Pernick)-widthmonitoring with inverted cutting report
  • Quali-mark (Pernick) defect labeler - metallic defect label applicator
  • Mapping data entry entry system

Please let us know if you have any special needs that we can help you with.

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