IPS Plate Separator

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IPS Plate Separator
The IPS Plate Separator is a three phase separator
The IPS Plate Separator is a three phase separator, applied primarily as a sedimentation unit for the separation of solid particles from liquid.Besides solids sedimentation, the IPS is also suitable for the interception and removal of floating materials, for which a skim pipe or mechanical scraper can be installed.

The IPS is a two - stage settler. Easy, high rate settling solids are collected in the (smaller) first cone, the remainder of the relatively slow settling particles is separated by a cross-flow plate pack and collected in the second sludge cone.The sediment is thickened and discharged automatically through drain valves.As well as the IPS Cross Flow Settler, Nijhuis has a NPS Counter Current Settler in its product range.

For the comparison between cross-flow and counter current flow, please refer to the Oil-Water Separators.

Some applications are:

· Starch settling
· Sand and clay interception
· Activated sludge settling
· Separator for coagulation/flocculation processes
· Oil - water separation

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