News | July 26, 2021

Israeli Start-Up ONYX Radiance Launches Covid-19 Eliminating And Skin-Rejuvenating Face Mask

Tel Aviv /PRNewswire/ - ONYX radiance, an Israeli based start-up company, is pleased to announce the release of its newest innovation, the AntiViral Defense Mask, destroying the Covid-19 and Influenza viruses with 99.99% efficiency, while filtering >99.5% of 3-micron particles, providing a key barrier against airborne droplets. The Antiviral Defense Mask maintains its efficiency in destroying >99% of the Covid-19 virus, Influenza virus, and bacteria, after 50 regular home laundries.

The Anti-viral results have been verified by a qualified independent laboratory in accordance with the ISO18184 test protocol.

Unlike disposable facemasks or regular cloth masks that are made of synthetic fabrics that have adverse effect on the user's skin health, ONYX's novel AntiViral Defense Mask is made of 100% Cotton infused with a unique Silver-ion formula, protects the skin from harmful bacteria, and aids in skin rejuvenation while promoting even tone.

ONYX radiance eyes on becoming a global leading technological consumer textile brand of high-end textile products that provide its users with substantial Health & Beauty benefits. Customers of ONYX radiance are continuously reporting on significant improvement in their skin's health and appearance, on alleviation of severe Acne conditions, and on much improved sleep quality.

The company plans to execute clinical trials in 2022, and will report upon their execution.

ONYX radiance launched its signature products, a Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase, and an Acne Combating Pillowcase, in early 2019, while the company is due to launch a serious of new products by end of 2021.

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Source: ONYX radiance

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