News | October 19, 2021

Lenzing Is Expanding Its Denim Range With Matt Lyocell Fibers From The TENCEL Brand

Matte Lyocell fibers from the TENCEL brand reduce the sheen of conventional lyocell denim fabrics, while at the same time they offer all the well-known advantages and ecological properties of standard Lyocell fibers from the TENCEL brand

Lenzing - The Lenzing Group is expanding its sustainable range for the denim industry with the introduction of matt TENCEL lyocell fibers. This new fiber was specially developed to diffuse light and permanently reduce the sheen in denim applications. This in turn increases the versatility of indigo-dyed denim fabrics.

“As a leading company in fiber production, we work closely with our customers and partners to meet their product requirements. Our partners wanted to be able to choose denim fabrics that are less shiny. We have now implemented this feedback ”, says Tricia Carey, Director of Global Business Development Denim and Americas at the Lenzing Group. "By implementing an innovative process for the production of matt TENCEL Lyocell fibers, we are setting a new standard for indigo applications."

Trendy denim look with environmentally friendly properties
Fashion trends come and go. However, denim products will always be an integral part of every wardrobe. Brands are constantly striving to bring new denim collections to the market that match the style of their consumers and are sustainable at the same time. Lenzing has been committed to comprehensive sustainability for many years by producing biodegradable cellulose fibers from the raw material wood.

The introduction of matt TENCEL Lyocell fibers combines functionality with aesthetics and increases the versatility of denim designs while at the same time reducing the ecological footprint of the fabric or garment. The new fiber is manufactured in a resource-efficient, closed process and offers all the advantages of TENCEL standard lyocell fibers in terms of comfort. The fiber is particularly soft on the skin and gives dark, indigo-colored fabrics an intense and matt appearance.

Lenzing produces the matt TENCEL Lyocell fibers together with its international partner Advance Denim (China), Artistic Fabric Mills Pvt. Ltd. (Pakistan), Arvind Limited (India), Kipas Denim (Turkey), KG Denim

Limited (India), Panther Denim / Tat Fung (China) and Textil Santanderina (Spain) at the Kingpins Digital Show.

More transparency for more sustainability
Lenzing takes full responsibility for its manufacturing processes as it can physically identify all TENCEL fibers with its fiber detection system. With this technology, the matt TENCEL Lyocell fibers are fully traceable and give both brands and consumers the certainty that the raw materials used come from responsible resources. In the long term, this helps improve sustainability across the denim industry as everyone involved can make informed decisions.