Machine for Controlling and Boarding Hosiery

Source: Cortese S.p.A.
Machine for Controlling and Boarding Hosiery
An alternate motion rotary machine with 12 stations.
An alternate motion rotary machine with 12 stations. In station 1, the operator manually positions the hosiery on the transparent forms of the loading robot and controls their quality.

To facilitate the operator's work, and thus increase output, an automatic feeder (optional) inserts the legs on the forms.

Next, the product is loaded on the machine's forms for boarding and drying. The machine can be supplied with 5 push-buttons (optional) controlled by the operator for selecting: sub-standard quality, rejects, re-sowing, re-dyeing, pause. Tension is applied to the product (pantyhose, stockings, knee-stockings) in the 2nd station.

In the 3rd station, the pantyhose is steam-boarded in an autoclave. The new concept autoclave opens up like a book, with drive obtained from form rotation, thus rapidly completing a cycle.

This makes it possible to increase boarding time in proportion to cycle time. This new autoclave has limited volume and, therefore, enables considerable saving of steam. Maximum boarding pressure: 3 bar.

In the following 7 stations, the product is oven dried by circulating pressurized hot air, with the possibility of introducing dry air.

In the first two stations after the autoclave, humidity produced by the autoclave is discharged independently.

The drying oven was designed to close entrances and exits with the boarding forms.

The oven is sealed by a frame with the same profile as the forms. This new system does away with mobile curtains, which are subject to wear and can damage the product by coming into contact with it.

In the 11th station, the stocking exits the oven and, before it is conveyed to the next station (stripping), the yarn is cooled by thermal head, which, in turn, improves quality.

Automatic, universal stripping is executed in the 12th station- this is suitable for straight forms and forms with a leg shape. The station has a heel-stripping unit which enables the pantyhose to be detached sideways rather than edgeways.

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