Datasheet | February 12, 2009

Datasheet: MatchRite iVue Spectrophotometer

Source: X-Rite, Inc.

Working with ColorDesigner 10.3 software, the new MatchRite® iVue™ spectrophotometer makes your associates the experts while adding value to your customers' shopping experience by increasing in-store uptime, improving first-time right color match and reducing service costs and overall costs of ownership.


  • Line of Site™ sample viewing provides fast and easy measurement on any sample, even those odd-shaped, large or bulky samples.
  • Unique Active Visual Targeting™ insures precision measurements by allowing you to target exactly the spot you want to measure.
  • Innovative LED spectral engine delivers superior color match, especially on reds, blues and dark colors.
  • Measures one and a half inches from the sample surface, keeping the lenses clean and free of wet paint and reducing service costs over the life of the instrument.


  • Calibration once a week improves in-store uptime and improves your customers experience.
  • The LED illumination will provide years of uninterrupted service and repeatable performance.