News | March 18, 2021

Myant's Connected Clothing Brand Skiin Announces Open Beta Launch For Garments Enabling Connected Care

Skiin's connected garments help people care for loved ones, wherever they are and whenever they need peace of mind. By knitting the ability to measure one's well-being into everyday clothes, Skiin has created a way for people to live independently yet still feel connected to those who are invested in their health. Created by Myant, industry pioneer in textile computing, Skiin is now publicly available for the first time ever.

Toronto, ON /PRNewswire/ - Myant Inc. (, industry leaders in textile computing and ISO 13485 certified medical device manufacturer, and Skiin (, Myant's connected clothing brand, have announced the open beta launch for their collection of smart garments that enable families to care for their loved ones from afar. The Baseline Collection of biometric sensing clothes provides a caregiver with a more continuous and holistic view of their loved one's well-being and physical status, allowing families to have richer and more informed conversations about health through the built-in communication features in the Skiin Connected Life app. The Open Beta launch is the first time the general public has been invited to purchase and experience the product, now available at an introductory price of $99 USD / $129 CAD for the starter kit.

The Baseline Collection by Skiin: Clothes That Connect to Care
Skiin was created to address the challenge of finding a better way to connect aging parents to their families who want to care for them. Though many wearable devices are able to track biometrics, adoption of these technologies can be a challenge for elderly users. Moreover, these solutions often require elderly users to actively interact with their devices and manually log readings. By knitting the ability to sense into everyday clothing, Skiin continually tracks a loved one's well-being and physical status without requiring them to constantly interact with technology. This gives caregivers and their loved ones peace of mind wherever they are and whenever they want.

The Baseline Collection consists of a line of garments knitted using premium materials such as bamboo as well as unique conductive yarns that make the garment feel like any other piece of everyday clothing. The collection at launch will include men's and women's underwear in various styles, while other garments like bras and tank tops will be introduced in the coming months. Planned updates in the coming months to the app will include access to ECG tracking, pending Health Canada and FDA approval (feature not currently available), notifications to caregivers about slip and fall incidents, machine learning to provide more meaningful insights and behavioral changes suggestions, that can help improve one's health & well-being.

Special Introductory Open Beta Pricing for Skiin
The starter kit is specially priced for the Beta Launch at $99 USD / $129 CAD (official price: $299 USD / $369 CAD) and will include four pairs of underwear in the style of choice, one Skiin pod, Skiin Connected Life app, charging accessories and a garment wash bag. Please note that the launch price is for a limited number of kits.

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Source: Myant Inc.

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