News | November 27, 2017

New Live Webinar: Using Thermal Analysis To Investigate The Behavior Of Textile Materials

Textiles have been part of life for thousands of years—and today, many include polymer-based fibers. A free METTLER TOLEDO webinar will explore how critical wear information and other fabric characteristics can be gauged using four common thermal analysis techniques.

Greifensee, Switzerland (PRWEB) - METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to present a new webinar, Thermal Analysis of Textile Materials, live on Thursday, December 14th, 2017. The English-language presentation, offered three times to allow participation from around the globe, will explore the use of thermal analysis in modern textile manufacturing to ensure final products present desired characteristics.

Thermal analysis is a cost-effective method to characterize thread and fabrics. A sample of a just few milligrams is sufficient to determine properties including shrinkage, elasticity, moisture uptake/desorption, glass transition, melting point, and thermal stability/decomposition. UV and light resistance can also be measured. This information can allow materials to be optimized.

The four primary thermal-analysis techniques are differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), thermomechanical analysis (TMA), and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA). These techniques allow properties to be measured over a wide temperature range of –150 to 1600 °C. This range is extremely useful for assessing textile attributes.

In this webinar, participants will learn the basics of textile classification, the testing methods typically used for each classification, and the information each analysis offers. METTLER TOLEDO will also present on instrumentation, the analysis itself, and industries and applications that benefit from being able to accurately characterize textile materials.

The presentation will conclude with a Q&A, so participants can have their most pressing application questions answered by METTLER TOLEDO experts. Click here to register for the free, live presentation on thermal analysis of textiles.

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