News | September 24, 2017

New VOLT Smart Yarns Revolutionizes Conductive Yarn Marketplace

Hickory, NC (PRWEB) - Global manufacturing leader of high-tech, innovative textiles, Supreme Corporation, introduces VOLT Smart Yarns, a revolutionary and highly conductive yarn for tomorrow’s advanced smart fabrics.

Capable of previously unattainable high levels of conductivity on the order of 1.9 Ohms per meter, each VOLT Smart Yarn contains up to four wires the diameter of a human hair. Engineered for use with commercial sewing machines, VOLT Smart Yarns can be woven or knitted into fabrics that heat, control switches and volume, interact with wireless technology and that can become sensors for impact and touch.

“We are changing what is possible in smart fabrics,” said Matthew Kolmes, CEO of VOLT Smart Yarns parent company, Supreme Corporation. “This is the first highly conductive yarn on the marketplace, and the only one capable of sending power, ground and signals to make functional, wearable smart clothing.”

“VOLT Smart Yarns is a game changer,” Kolmes said.

Based in Hickory, NC, Supreme Corporation is known globally for its high-performance, patent-protected yarns and personal safety apparel, especially in law enforcement gear.

“With VOLT we can retrofit police body armor with conductive smart yarns into impact sensors,” Kolmes said. “Or by incorporating a Bluetooth transmitter critical information can be transmitted instantly to headquarters if an officer is down.”

About VOLT Smart Yarns and Supreme Corporation:
Using exclusive and patented processes, Supreme engineers are able to create revolutionary highly-conductive custom Volt Smart Yarns with specific levels of conductivity, resistance, and strength. These Volt Smart Yarns can be purchased by the kilometer.

A leader in textiles, fiber and safety apparel technology, Supreme Corporation manufactures innovative specialty yarns and safety apparel. The privately-held, Hickory, NC-based company has held 185 patents in 60 countries and currently has 60 active patents in high-tech yarns and fabrics, and another 15 patents that are pending.


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