Precision Tooling

Source: Mitchell Grieve (USA) Inc.
Precision Tooling
The company offers a wide range of precision instruments for the textile industry.
Product Range
  • Needles and elements for Double Cylinder Sock machines including Lonati, Bentley, Matec.
  • Needles and element for Single Cylinder Sock machines including Lonati Goal, Matec Ultrasport, Sangiacomo.
  • A range of elements for most modern high speed Ladies Hose machines such as Lonati and Matec.
  • Sinkers, selectors and other elements and needles for a wide range of Double and Single Jersey machines.
  • Bearded needles, points and sinkers for Fully Fashioned and Loopwheel machines.

State-of-the-art technology in Electro Discharge machining is used to produce tooling capable of meeting the demands of modern High Speed Knitting machines.

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