K-Tron P-Series (Sanitary): Vacuum Conveyors


The P-Series filtered receivers provide a custom solution for difficult conveying applications. The sanitary design is perfect for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The P-Series have the ability to handle a wide range of free and poor flowing powders as well as friable materials.

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Product Sheet: P10: Premier P-Series (Sanitary): Vacuum Conveyors
Product Sheet: P30: Premier P-Series (Sanitary): Vacuum Conveyors
Product Sheet: P100: Premier P-Series (Sanitary): Vacuum Conveyors


Key specifications that these vacuum conveyors had to meet include product surfaces of 300 series stainless steel (Premier P-Series use 316 grade), rubber gaskets that can withstand cleaning and bacterial treatment, product contact surfaces at least as smooth as a Number 4 ground finish—150 grit or better— free of any pits or crevices (P-Series are mirror finish 0.05 mm) and, permanent joints continuously welded. Conveyors are designed so that all product contact surfaces can be easily cleaned and inspected. All fans and blowers must be installed in a manner that precludes entrance of air contaminants; the air supply system and ducting must be designed to cause all of the air to pass through air filters properly installed before coming into contact with product contact surfaces.

Premier P-Series filters are PTFE coated with stainless steel housings. Premier P-Series vacuum conveyors were designed to convey powders and other difficult to handle materials in food and pharmaceutical applications. The P10 (10 liter capacity) can convey up to 1300 lb/h (600 kg/h); the P30 (30 liter capacity) can convey up to 4000 lb/h (1800kg/h); the P100 (100 liter capacity) can convey up to 8800 lb/h (4000 kg/h).


  • Hazardous Area models available for NEC North American standards
  • ATEX versions available
  • Validation available

Maximum batch conveying rates: Rates dependent on specific application. Continuous conveying rates are higher. Units meet strict sanitary requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.



Typical Products

Typical Application

Maximum conveying rate





P10 filtered

powder/fragile products

Food, Pharma



P30 filtered

powder/fragile products

Food, Pharma



P100 filtered

powder/fragile products

Food, Pharma