Search and Selection Process

Source: MRI The Mayberry Group
Our clients can be assured of the best possible solutions
Our clients can be assured of the best possible solutions for successfully identifying and hiring 'right fit' candidates for their openings when they enter into a positive strategic partnership with MRI The Mayberry Group.

Planning and Needs Analysis - Working in tandem with the client's hiring team, we

  • Determine the qualifications the client seeks
  • Assist in developing compensation package(s)
  • Develop a clear understanding of the responsibilities and expectations of the position
  • Develop a complete understanding of the client's organizational culture
  • Strategize with a client to develop presentation of opportunity that will attract 'best fit' candidates to the position
  • Create 'White Paper' which all parties must sign that verifies The Mayberry Group's written interpretations of the specific requirements are correct

Research and Search - With job specifications clearly in mind, we

  • Identify companies with potentially viable candidates
  • Profile and evaluate candidates (40 - 80 candidates) who express interest in the position
  • Conduct in-depth candidate interviews and reference check the most viable candidates (20 - 30 candidates)
  • Narrow final candidate list to top 2 or 3 candidates (Short list)

Candidate Presentation - After a thorough evaluation of each finalist, we

  • Present a comprehensive evaluation of each finalist that includes
  • Personal and Business history
  • Reference Reports
  • Search Consultant's evaluation of personality traits, needs/desires, career objectives, family situation, compensation objectives and any other pertinent information
  • Determine best direction in which to proceed in the selection process

    Interview Facilitation - In close coordination with client, we

    • Schedule interviews
    • Prepare client and candidates for interviews
    • Debrief client and candidates following interviews
    • Identify and resolve any issues which must be addressed prior to an offer
    • Obtain decisions from candidates and client to determine their degree of interest in continuing the process

    Offer Negotiations - If client prefers, we

    • Act as the mediator in employment offer
    • Assist in structuring an offer
    • Make offer and get acceptance
    • Facilitate the acceptance and establish a start date
    • Counsel new hire on effectively resigning and deflecting a counter offer
    Value Added Services and Transition Assistance - If client prefers, we can
    • Work with client and candidate to secure a suitable relocation program
    • Utilize our compatibility behavioral Personality Profile System
    • Conduct cost effective face to face interviews utilizing the world's largest private Teleconferencing Networks
    • Collaborate with industry - specific recruiters worldwide via MRI's Intranet Site
    • Offer targeted Staffing Solutions to meet the client's specific staffing requirements
    • Involve Project Team dedicated to fulfilling complex or multiple staffing sources
    • Provide cost effective Relocation Services
    • Reduced van line services for moving household goods (FAS moving)
    • Locate cost-effective mortgages with liberal qualifying requirements

    Ongoing Relationship - To ensure that the client and the candidate are completely satisfied with the hire, we Maintain ongoing contact through the assigned Project Manager

    • Follow-up with candidate and client to ensure smooth transition into new responsibilities
    • Provide assistance to resolve problems if they arise
    • Assist family and/or significant others on relocation issues and other difficulties encountered; such as
    • Counsel on employment searches
    • Investigate special needs or educational requirements

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