Simula Tech, A Leading Mobile Phone Component Manufacturer, Adopts VICOTE® Coatings To Develop Innovative Mobile Phone Slide Hinges


Simula Tech, a leading mobile phone component manufacturer, adopts VICOTE Coatings to develop innovative mobile phone slide hinges

Striving to create innovative designs for mobile phone components, Simula Tech. Inc was looking to raise the production efficiency and yield rate of mobile phone slide hinges as well as reduce production and manufacturing costs. They found their solution with VICOTE Coatings based on VICTREX PEEK Polymer.

Simula Tech is one of the world's leading mobile phone component manufacturers. With innovative designs and advanced production capability, Simula Tech provides DC plugs, earphones, and power jacks, as well as different types of connectors and hubs for mobile phones, PDA's, UMPC's, and other popular handheld devices.

The global popularization of mobile phones has raised the consumers' requirements for integrated of advanced functions, including cameras, audio, TV, PC, and GPS, and exterior designs of mobile phones. The stackable design of mobile phones with slide hinges can accommodate multi-functions, large screens, and expandable keyboards, as well as provide light-weight and stylish design. This is the main reason why mobile phones with slide hinges have become more popular among the consumers and the slide hinges have created another trend in the market.

Richard Liu, Vice General Manager of Simula Tech R&D Center: "We were the first in the industry to incorporate VICOTE coatings into the design of the slide hinge component and successfully move it into mass production. For end users or mobile phone manufacturers, this new innovative design can strengthen the functionality and design flexibility of mobile phones without additional costs. In addition, this innovative design has passed the EU's strict RoHS certification and successfully helped Simula Tech expand into the European market."

"From R&D's perspective, even though the cost of new material is higher, the added value it brings can actually help lower the overall production costs," said Alvin Hsu, Manager of Simula Tech R&D department. "Tests show that mobile phone slide hinges that use VICOTE coatings can maintain their original smoothness after 200,000 cycles and above. VICOTE coatings' ease of processing serves to raise the production efficiency and yield rate of mobile phone slide hinges. Currently, a series of component slide hinges is made with VICOTE coatings, and we plan to use VICOTE coatings on various lines of slide hinges."

"Material selection is the key to the success of current mobile phone design. The popularization of mobile phones that are portable and light-weight, with wireless/high-frequency transmission and longer life span influences the design of mobile phone components, not to mention the more rigorous than ever environmental protection standards," said Gary LI, Country Manager of Victrex Taiwan. "VICTREX PEEK polymer not only helps significantly reduce the production and manufacturing costs of mobile phones and increase the product performance, but also brings more creative and differentiated designs to the industry."

Benefits of VICOTE Coatings for Simula Tech:

  • Strengthen the functionality and design flexibility
  • Reduce production and manufacturing costs
  • Increase product performance
  • Raise the production efficiency and yield rate
  • Allow innovative designs that passed EU's strict RoHS certification
  • Ease of processing

SOURCE: Victrex plc