News | January 4, 2002

Spirex and Bimetalix merge

End Result: A Single Source Producer of Plasticating Systems Solutions

Spirex Corporation, a worldwide leader in manufacturing high quality plasticating components - including screws, valves and other front-end components - for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding, has merged with Bimetalix, a fully-integrated producer of bimetallic single and twin barrels serving the plastic and food processing industries. Bimetalix has become a division of Spirex, according to an annoucement from Spirex's president, Paul T. Colby.

According to Mr. Colby, the merger is part of a growth strategy for both companies. The merger enables Spirex to design and manufacture complete plasticating systems that include screws, front-end components and now barrels. For Bimetalix, the merger provides them with access to a broader customer base, new markets and an international sales and marketing force already in place to reach those markets.

"Spirex is well-known for producing high performance, high quality plasticating components." Mr. Colby said. "This merger will allow us to build on that reputation as we become the only company in the industry with the capability to design and manufacture screws, front-end components and barrels. Having complete control over the design and manufacturing process will enable us to be even more responsive to our customers, and provide them with complete plasticating systems solutions at competitive prices."

The administration and management of Spirex will not change as a result of the merger, nor will control of the company. Forbes Hotchkiss and Dave Hotchkiss, the founders of Bimetalix, will continue to manage day-to-day operations at the division. They will also be part of the management team and shareholders at Spirex. Paul T. Colby will continue to serve as president of Spirex.

In addition to designing and manufacturing screws, front-end components and now barrels, Spirex will continue to provide its customers with plasticating services that includes remanufacturing of plasticating components; complete laboratory services including rheology and melt flow analysis; online optical dispersion testing; lab trials; and training programs. Spirex is headquartered in Youngstown, OH. For more information about Spirex, visit the rest of our Web site or call 330-726-4000.

The Bimetalix division of Spirex will operate from Bimetalix's present location in Sullivan, WI where it manufactures high-quality abrasion and corrosion-resistant single barrels, vent hardware, liners and other products. Twin barrels will continue to be manufactured from their Virginia plant. For more information about Bimetalix, visit their Web site at or call 262-563-8066.

Source: Spirex