News | March 15, 2023

TENCEL™ Showcases Innovative Fiber Applications And New Textile Trends At Leading Tradeshows

Lenzing /PRNewswire/ - With sustainability at its core, TENCEL™, the textile fiber brand under Lenzing, is committed to providing innovative fiber solutions that drive industry-wide circularity and transparency, building solid foundations for a truly sustainable textile industry.

As Lenzing and TENCEL™ continue to pursue climate neutrality by 2050, TENCEL™ started the year with the introduction of high-value offerings that enhance traceability and transparency for value chain partners and consumers.

To address the rising trend among consumers to understand more about the quality, environmental impact, and origin of the products they purchase, the textile value chain has been exploring ways to improve transparency. To cope with increasing demand for transparency from consumers and industry partners, Lenzing's Florian Heubrandner, Vice President of Global Textiles Business, shared some of the latest Lenzing initiatives in a Q&A.

In January, TENCEL™ partnered with Portugal-based firm Acabamentos Têxteis de Barcelos (ATB) to launch a full collection of lyocell and organic cotton fleece fabric. Developed as brushed and unbrushed fleece, the fabric comprised 40% TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers and 60% cotton. The collection quickly became a bestseller for its soft and structured properties.

Also launched this year was a sample lingerie collection made with TENCEL™ branded lyocell and modal fibers. With more than 40% TENCEL™ fibers in the lace, the collection was lauded for its added component of sustainability on top of style and comfort.

On home textile applications, Lenzing's Gamze Stöger, Global Business Development Manager Home and Interior Textile, revealed interesting insights around working with partners globally to strengthen the portfolio and customer base in an exclusive Q&A.

At the Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, Lenzing showcased applications of TENCEL™ branded fibers for the interiors segment and as a blending partner with hemp and linen. Various application possibilities including upholstery, curtains, carpets and rugs were highlighted. Added benefits enabled by TENCEL™ fibers, like softness, sheen, and wrinkle recovery were also covered.

Recently, Lenzing participated in the Kingpins Show and the SpaceD open house organized by Pakistan-based denim manufacturer Soorty in New York to highlight the importance of a circular and sustainable denim industry, as well as the versatility of TENCEL™ fibers in "zero cotton" denim.

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