Brochure | September 4, 2008

Product Highlights: VICTREX® PEEK™ Polymer

Victrex is the world's leading manufacturer of VICTREX PEEK polymer, the highest quality PEEK available today. The Victrex reputation is built upon its depth of expertise with PEEK polymers, and our ability to work closely with customers, share best practices, and create product solutions that help enhance applications. With more than 30 years of experience developing VICTREX PEEK polymer technologies, Victrex has the deepest expertise in the industry.

Benefits of VICTREX PEEK for the Textile Industry:

  • Temperature resistance
  • Mechanical performance
  • Wear resistance
  • Chemical resistance (including dyes)
  • Steam resistance
  • Low friction
  • Weight savings, lower moment of inertia
  • Increased design flexibility