TRU-VUE® 2 Controlled Lighting Booth

Source: Datacolor
TRU-VUE® 2 Controlled Lighting Booth
Economical, compact multiple light source for visual color assessments.
Multi-Source Viewing System for the Inspection and Color Matching of Inks, Paints, Plastics, Textiles, Paper, Colorants and other colored materials

The TRU-VUE® 2 Controlled Lighting Booth is a lightweight unit for visual assessment and comparison of color variations. It is highly useful in comparing color standards to samples, batches to batches, and the same color in different materials. Equipped with multiple light sources, it can aid greatly in the evaluation of metamerism (visual color change seen in a pair of samples under different light sources).

The TRU-VUE® 2 is a compact multi-source viewing system which provides 4 different light sources:

  • Artificial Daylight
  • Store Light
  • Home Light
  • UV
  • Daylight source rated by CIE Publication 51 to meet ASTM D1729-89 for critical viewing.
  • Sturdy, compact, bench-top unit
  • Four standard lamps, characterized, with corresponding illuminant data included in Datacolor color management systems.
  • Equally suited to laboratory and production environments.
  • Easy-to-use lamp selector

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