Twist Traps

Source: Burckhardt America, Inc.
There are currently more than 700 Autocoros running with the Burckhardt America Twist Trap installed
. These twist traps, which are manufactured in our facility in Greensboro, cause the false twist in the yarn to remain in the zone between the rotor groove and the navel, thus making spinning more stable and reducing the number of ends down at a given twist level. We have proven many times the superiority of the Twist Trap over the torque stop in actual pounds of yarn delivered from the spinning machine. It is not unusual for machines operating with Twist Traps to produce as much as 5% more yarn than machines equipped with torque stops with all other conditions being the same.

Twist Traps can also be rebuilt. We can completely remanufacture your twist traps to make them like new again at substantial savings over the cost of a new one.
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