News | August 1, 2017

Umbra Applied Technologies Group Develops New Textile Application Ahead Of New Product Launch

Tampa, FL (Marketwired) - Umbra Applied Technologies Group (OTC: UATG) - The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Umbra Applied Technologies Group (UATG), in a July 27th interview, discussed a previously unannounced product line that the company is preparing to launch shortly, surprising many shareholders and industry peers. The new product line expands the company's footprint into the textile market segment with the introduction of a smart fabric that the company has had under research and development for more than four years.

Under the auspices of the Umbra Applied Technologies' fabled and highly secretive Scorpion Works division (Applied Sciences Division or ASD as it is officially referred to) the company has developed a product line they have dubbed Hygieia and it is the future of smart textiles. In his interview, Alex Umbra revealed on camera a filament thread coated with silver that "can conduct electricity and transfer data" as well as function as a "broad spectrum antimicrobial." The company intends to use the technology for military applications, but announced the impending release of civilian products manufactured with this new revolutionary technology for the general retail markets. Mr. Umbra treated the viewers to an advance look at fabric with the Hygieia technology applied within it and also gave viewers an ahead of market release demonstration of their new diabetic sock and low cut athletic sock. Mr. Umbra was quick to point out that the products he was showing viewers were working prototypes and were without the company's branding, but did indicate that final product sampling delivered in official UAT packaging is in the process of being delivered to the company in keeping with the company's intention to launch their new e-commerce website in the coming weeks.

With the launch of the new corporate web site being just a week old and the proclamation by the company's CEO that an e-commerce site is being prepared in anticipation of a new product line launch in the coming weeks, it appears UATG is poised to generate revenues within an entirely new market segment lending further credence to market speculation that UAT's Biotech division will be the first to deliver products to the market with margins favorable to the company's balance sheet. When asked about what this new market segment means to the company, Mr. Umbra replied, "The Hygieia brand is a technology that we can apply broadly across all divisions and essentially signals the beginning of UAT's launch into several markets via this product release and many more to come. I suspect that shareholders will be surprised with how far we have come once they realize what we have been working on over the past 5 years."

Mr. Umbra also referenced several other products that they have been working on and have been improving upon throughout the testing and design process of these advanced textiles. When asked to comment on the military applications of such textiles, Mr. Umbra responded, "I am not at liberty to discuss specific military applications for Hygieia however, we anticipate the product line to do very well in both the government and civilian market segment of which we intend to pursue very aggressively with a robust product line."

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