Uster Optiscan

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Uster Optiscan
The «extras» you get when buying cotton are quite surprising
Foreign matter problems? It's best to get them under control already in the blowroom:

The «extras» you get when buying cotton are quite surprising: pieces of woven and knitted fabric, feathers, strings and yarns of various raw materials as well as paper, colored polypropylene foils, pieces of leather, seed coats and greasy, soiled fiber tufts, etc. Even worse: cotton can also be contaminated with metal particles.
Although foreign matter mainly occurs at random, don't neglect it – it may cost you a fortune in the end!
USTER OPTISCAN 1, a spinning preparation machine for the automatic detection and extraction of foreign matter in the blowroom, tackles the problem right at the beginning of the process. Because there, foreign matter in the form of larger pieces can be detected and eliminated more efficiently than after the disintegration into a multitude of individual particles and fibers.
With USTER OPTISCAN 1 it is possible to significantly reduce disturbances in all subsequent processes. Additional cost due to an excessive number of end breaks, piecings and splices can therefore be avoided.
And don't worry about the loss of good fibers: the unique effectiveness of USTER OPTISCAN 1 ensures the best foreign matter removal while minimizing the loss of good fibers.
USTER OPTISCAN 1 meets your requirements for better running conditions and higher efficiencies, a better product and fewer complaints!
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