VICTREX® MAX-Series™ Polymers

VICTREX MAX-Series polymer a new level of high performance, high temperature materials

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Flyer: VICTREX® MAX-Series™ Polymers

VICTREX MAX-Series polymer a new level of high performance, high temperature materials.

Victrex plc now offers MAX-Series™, a new proprietary range of blended products. This innovative new product line is part of the VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer product family and is designed to perform in the most demanding environments, specifically in applications requiring a combination of high temperature mechanical performance and dimensional stability. MAX-Series polymers are a blend of VICTREX® PEEK and genuine Extem® UH thermoplastic polyimide (TPI) resin from SABIC Innovative Plastics.

VICTREX MAX-Series Properties:
The product is designed to fill the performance gap found in many of today's high temperature materials. Finding a melt-processable, unfilled, ultra-high temperature performance material combined with chemical resistance, high purity, and controlled coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) can be difficult. MAX-Series was created to address these challenges and with ability to perform at temperatures in the range of 150-275┬║C.

VICTREX MAX-Series Products:
The new product is available in two grades: MAX-Series M1000 polymer and MAX-Series M2000 polymer. MAX-Series has the potential to fit into many types markets and applications, including the oil and gas and semiconductor sectors.

Long-term reliability and resistance to extreme temperatures, chemical, and wear conditions are critical. This is especially important as operations go into more extreme environments. As a result, there is a need for tougher and more durable materials for applications such as down hole connectors, subsea electrical connectors, and seal rings. Read more about Victrex Oil and Gas Applications.

In the semiconductor industry, fabrication facilities are constantly striving to develop products that combine high purity and high temperature resistance. Victrex has a successful history of working with customers in this segment and the MAX-Series polymer, which builds upon the solid foundation of VICTREX PEEK, has the potential to offer improved performance for applications such as wafer trays and test sockets. Read more about Victrex Semiconductor Applications.

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Flyer: VICTREX® MAX-Series™ Polymers