Victrex PEEK Polymer Cost Effective Solution For Injection Molded Parts

Allied Aerospace switched to VICTREX® PEEK™ polymer as a cost-effective solution for injection-molded parts for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

In today's defense industry, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are commonly used to carry a variety of surveillance and detection sensors into hazardous or otherwise unreachable areas. Cutting edge electronics, power systems and materials are now being utilized to create the UAVs of tomorrow that will extend the reach of ground forces. In order to meet the military's goal of being cost-effective and expendable, VICTREX PEEK polymer was used for the injection molded parts.

VICTREX PEEK made the UAV mass producible with good repeatability in high volume production. Additional benefits of using VICTREX PEEK include outstanding wear resistance over wide ranges of pressure, velocity, temperature and counterfacial roughness; corrosion resistance; wind/rain erosion resistance; high temperature stability; and fuel resistance.

Victrex PEEK High Performance Polymer Key Properties:

  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • High temperature stability
  • Resistance to fuels, salt spray and chemical/biological agents

SOURCE: Victrex plc