Video | December 9, 2008

Video: ActiFlow™: A NEW Material Flow Aid

When feeding cohesive or other difficult materials, intermittent or inconsistent flow through the feeder's hopper impairs performance and can even halt the process. The ActiFlow Smart Bulk Solids Activator reliably prevents bridge-building and ratholing of cohesive bulk materials in stainless steel hoppers, in loss-in-weight feeding applications, eliminating the need for mechanical vertical agitation.

ActiFlow is a non-product contact device, consisting of a vibratory drive and intelligent control unit. The ActiFlow device is bolted to the outside of the rear wall of the extension hopper, above the feeder, reducing headroom requirements. Together with the K-Tron Control Module (KCM) and ActiFlow Control unit, it continuously activates the material inside the hopper with an optimized frequency and amplitude based on changing material flow conditions.

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