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VOLT Smart Yarns Featured On IoClothes And Material Is Your Business Podcasts

VOLT Smart Yarns CEO Matt Kolmes Spoke on the Future of Wearable Technology and the Process of Innovation in Smart Clothing

Hickory, NC (PRWEB) - Matt Kolmes, CEO of VOLT Smart Yarns, a division of Supreme Corporation, recently appeared on notable podcasts IoClothes and Material Is Your Business to discuss the revolutionary advances that VOLT Smart Yarns is making in the wearable technology space. Since winning the 2017 Industrial Fabric Association International (“IFAI”) Show Stopper award, VOLT Smart Yarns has gained notoriety as a highly conductive and customizable smart yarn that is helping companies shape the conversation around what’s possible for the future of smart textiles and wearable technology.

IoClothes, a podcast hosted by Ben Cooper, features thought leaders and innovators across the smart apparel, footwear and textile industries. In his interview, Kolmes discussed the challenges facing companies developing wearable technology, and the solutions VOLT Smart Yarns has developed to help companies bring their ideas to market.

“When we were looking at what people were doing with smart fabrics, right away it occurred to me that it takes a tremendous amount of planning to make a smart fabric,” said Kolmes. “You need to plan where you want your power source and where you want your sensor and if you’re weaving or knitting, you have to be very precise where your power goes.” It was partially thanks to this analysis that made Kolmes realize the enormous potential of VOLT Smart Yarns due to its ability to be used as a sewing thread. “You can take a sewing machine and take our yarn and you can make any clothing a smart fabric,” explained Kolmes.

Kolmes also appeared on the Material Is Your Business (“MIYB”) podcast, a show hosted by Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes that interviews industry leaders to make insights into business and technology within the material sciences space. As part of the interview, Kolmes shared exciting achievements that VOLT Smart Yarns is making in research and development.

“We started talking to automobile manufacturers, people that make car seats, health and hospital corporations, and also micro-processor and computer companies,” said Kolmes. “In these conversations we found out that everybody wanted a different version of the yarn and everybody wanted the yarn to do something slightly different than what it does. We’ve been adding about 1 new yarn every month since we started VOLT in 2017.”

Kolmes shared that recent partnerships have resulted in cutting-edge prototypes such as a smart technology protective vest for law enforcement personnel, and the world’s first yarn that delivers dual reflective and conductive capabilities. The company is also in testing stages for a conductive yarn that can change colors at a certain temperature.

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About Supreme Corporation
A leader in textiles, fiber and safety apparel technology, Supreme Corporation manufactures innovative specialty yarns and safety apparel. The privately-held, Hickory, NC-based company has held 185 patents in 60 countries and currently has 60 active patents in high-tech yarns and fabrics, with another 15 patents pending. Supreme is the inventor of cut resistant composite yarns and leads the way by investing heavily in R&D to constantly evolve and improve the performance of its products.

VOLT Smart Yarns is a new division of Supreme Corporation. Using exclusive and patented processes, Supreme engineers are able to create revolutionary highly-conductive custom Volt Smart Yarns with specific levels of conductivity, resistance, and strength. These Volt Smart Yarns harness the power of highly conductive copper wires to deliver yarns and sewing threads that are poised to change the world and what is possible in Smart Textiles.

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